Thomas Joseph Crossword Answers December 25 2017

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Clue Solution
Postal delivery MAIL
Seasonal song NOEL
Orphan of the comics DONDI
North Pole workers ELVES
Christmas tree topper ANGEL
Former NYC mayor Abe BEAME
Snowman of song FROSTY
"— we now our gay apparel" DON
Army post FORT
Pressing URGENT
Pro vote YEA
Snow source CLOUDS
Winter gliders SLEDS
Seasonal songs CAROLS
Farrow of film MIA
"Get a move on!" LETSGO
Stadium group FANS
Museum subject ART
Christmas stealer GRINCH
Creator of 32-Across SEUSS
Debate ARGUE
North Pole boss SANTA
Goes off course VEERS
Pencil part LEAD
Goes off course ERRS
Madison’s successor MONROE
Soft yarn ANGORA
That is: Latin IDEST
Bouncy tune LILT
S. Dak. neighbor NEB
Flamenco cry OLE
Tart fruits LEMONS
Eccentric DAFFY
Transmitted SENT
Christmas symbol YULELOG
Fishing poles RODS
Astronaut Grissom GUS
Plumbing problem CLOG
Dads to jrs. SRS
Breakfast choice CEREAL
Harmonize ATTUNE
Crèche part MANGER
Sustains INCURS
Hearth stuff ASHES
Young girl LASS
Boss, at times FIRER
Gushing review RAVE
RR stop STA
Despondent SAD